A new dawn.

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Who we are

Aluren is located on Tarren Mill. We primarily consist of a group that have played together for the last 3 years at the highest level. In late March 2017, Sponsored and Aluren merged to continue progressing mythic

We have not only built a raiding guild, but a raiding community, being a closely-bonded group of players where everyone knows everyone - and we strive to bring new members and recruits into our family. A lot of our members have met up in real life, traveled to each others respective countries, making friends across borders and games.

For Antorus: The Burning Throne we settled for a 3-day raiding schedule, making the best of those raids. We will have the same "approach to raiding" in Antorus sticking with what works for us:

- Less than 10 hours per week

- No splitruns

What we offer

Progress in current content, and a safe raid spot.

Players that know how to play their class, and are actively on the hunt for doing it better.

An active player base and an active Discord.

Strong, stable leadership with years of experience.

Players that dig into logs, for themselves or others, and also previous class theorycrafters.

A relaxed, positive atmosphere where people are not personally attacked for mistakes. Mistakes made and then being aware of them is what pushes progress forward the most - and what we learn the most from.

Get in touch with us

Either talk to one of our officers directly or head over to our forums!

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