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Weiless - Hunter

Post by Weiless » Wed Oct 09, 2019 11:16 pm

1. Name, age, country and Battle tag.

My name is Eddie im 21, from the UK and my Btag is Weiless#2650

2. Link to armory (please log out in gear you will raid in).

https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... ll/weiless

3. Heart of Azeroth level?


4. What are our raiding times, and do they suit you?

Wednesday 19:45-23:30
Sunday 19:45-23:30
Monday 20:45-23:30

These raiding times are well suited to my university timetable and because the raids start late it should never be an issue

5. What lootsystem do we use? (This is meant to see that you have read our rules)

You currently let the player decide whether they want to keep or trade the item but you encourage players to see item drops as raid upgrades in order to get the gear on the players that will benefit from the piece the most. For example, if an average Azerite piece drops for a Demon hunter but it is Best in slot for a rogue it would be encouraged that the DH gives the rogue the piece as they will not be replacing it for the entirety of the tier and it overall benefits the raid entirely more.

6. What guilds you were in and reasons for leaving? (short description)

Randomly Generated - Guild disbanded

Superstition - Insanely toxic guild couldn't stand the constant screaming matches in Teamspeak

Reincarnated - Guild disbanded

Infinite – University timetable conflicted with raiding hours so had to leave

Unbroken – Left after we killed opulence mythic to re-join Infinite as my Uni hours changed

Currently back in Infinite after not being able to raid for Queens court and Zaqul progress due to some unfortunate irl circumstances I’m fully active on the game again. After we kill Azshara I wanted to leave in order to pursue a personal goal in raiding by becoming a more complete player and find a guild that is more progress focused.

7. Logs of your past raids (it's not only your percentiles we are interested in)
Uldir https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... e=detailed
BoD https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... e=detailed
AeP https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... e=detailed

8. Screenshot of your UI (in a raiding situation)

9. What are the sites you use to keep up to date on your spec/class?
Icy Veins, Bloodmallet, Class Discord, Simulationcraft, Raidbots and Warcraftlogs

10. Info about alts (if any)
Don’t really have any right now but working on a DK

11. How did you hear about our guild, what made you apply?

A friend of mine Kwepp recommended me to check out Aluren and I liked what I saw on the WoWProgress page in terms of expectations + rules and thought it would be a good idea to apply.

12. Describe the hardest PVE boss you killed (ever) - how long did your guild work on it, what was hard, what was good about the fight etc..

I’d say Jaina for sure progressing the fight was intense and there was little room for error. We were progressing for about 2 months and over 300 pulls and I’d say the hardest part of the fight was P3 as having anyone dead would make the DPS check hard to make and there was a lot of individual responsibility with the array of mechanics that come in such as heart of frost, ice lances coming from the images, baiting Glacial ray, Moving out with siegebreaker, dodge ice lances, soaking frost orb and broadsides all in the same phase. I think the fight was well made apart from the icefall rng being pretty detrimental if you got unlucky.

13. Anything else that could convince us that you are a good addition to our raids.

I'm really fired up to try and join a guild with players that have the drive to perform with a progress mindset which will put me in a position to become a better player. Even though there is a lot of stigma about how bad the game is at the moment I still enjoy raiding and the process of progressing bosses and as long as raiding is this enjoyable ill still be playing the game a lot.

Also, the reason why most of my logs are Marksman is because BM hunter is very azerite specific at the moment and I have been very unlucky with pieces this tier causing bm to sim vastly behind (5-6K) DPS Marksman. This meant that unless I was doing a specific mechanic on a fight, I avoided playing it as it was significantly weaker than my MM setup.

14. Your plans for the next 6 months - will you be AFK on vacation or take a break from raiding?

My only plans for the next month are to kill Azshara with my current guild as I think it’s a pretty big yikes move to leave mid progress on the final boss of the tier but after that i am free to prepare for the next patch.

15. Do you know anyone in the guild?

My friend Kwepp spoke to Talentless about me

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Re: Weiless - Hunter

Post by kollbjorn » Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:18 pm


Interesting read, and at first glance you look like someone we want to trial!

At the moment we are on a break until 6th of November, and then we will start "slow" with reclear and possible PTR testing until Christmas as well as trialing raiders. We do intend to rekill Azshara, but not for certain (it is a good boss to test trials on though!)

I think its a good idea that you stick with your guild to kill Azshara, both for their and your sake.

If you are interested even though we have a break for some time, maybe you'd like to have a chat on discord at some point? Some time next week maybe? (if yes ill add you on btag)

- Koll
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Re: Weiless - Hunter

Post by Weiless » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:57 pm

Cheers for reading my app and yeah I'd be down for a chat just let me know when.

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Re: Weiless - Hunter

Post by kollbjorn » Mon Oct 14, 2019 4:46 pm

hey! Added you on btag before the weekend but havent seen you online yet :)
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