[Declined] qzman - general tank

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[Declined] qzman - general tank

Post by qzman » Sun Feb 10, 2019 1:13 pm

Battletag *

Relevant characters*
QzManDK, QzmanNoqtirl, DiskoNindza, QzMon

Class *
Blood, Protection, Brewmaster, Guardian

Armory pages *
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... ll/Qzmandk
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... iskonindza
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... mannoqtirl
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... mill/Qzmon

About me (Age, Location etc.) *
My name is Stevan. I'm from Serbia. Currently employed as a teacher of Computing in Elementary school since 2012. I work with kids age 11 to 15. I can afford 4-5 evenings for WoW with out problem. Just the matter of planning. I am home little after 1PM for every single workday, so plenty of time for everything since I'm not in training anymore. Ex pro volleyball player.
I have read and agreed on your rules and raid schedule by submiting this application.

I like it plain and simple. This is LFR pic, so Exorsus is disabled. Everything is highly customized and adjust for current spec only. WA, BW, Exo and ElvUi ftw. Its not pretty, Iam an engineer not an artist 

Relevant logs*
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... artition=1

Why do I wish to join you? *
You are a proven, defined players. I honestly believe that the most difficult part of raiding is finding the players. It is so incredibly difficult to find players that all share the same determination and dedication.
I’ve been an officer for a long time and that is a fact. I know the hard work that was required to get where you are.
I want to join you because it is an opportunity to join a guild that not only has the ambition but also the skillful and dedicated players that are driven by same ambition like I am. Where can I find those kind of players – at top. After all “You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them”.

PvE experience, previous guilds and reasons for leaving? *

Didn’t play seriously. Was just trolling around on various private servers.
Have in mind that those were private servers, so patching was not like on live. Leveling was faster. But raid XP was more-less the same.

*WotLK (2010-2015)
ToGC 10/25 HC -5/5
ICC 10/25 HC – 12/12
RS 10/25 HC – 1/1
I have played on a private server called Molten (today its Warmane). Realm was/still is WotLK called Deathwing. Server do have other realms with Cata and MoP, but I was mainly on WotLK.
Most of the time I was in a guild “Slozna Braca”. Guild was Balcanian, end-game. I played tank, mostly. Had all chars, played everything,was an officer but mainly I played paladin-prot, warrior-prot, druid-prot, warlock and hunter. I have some solo Bane and LoD videos. Octerflubero, paladin tank, that’s me.
9man solo tank Bane kill: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZblCOeuumA
LoD comp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-5kESxDHJU
Guild channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuHxqE ... Ur5blydXig

BWD, BoT, FL, DS 10N/ 10HC
I played with a small group of players from Deathwing(realm) on Neltharion realm(I belive its called). We cleared everything on 10 but we didn’t play more seriously cause we still played WotLK.

It was very buggy on Warmane, never tried it. So I stayed on WotLK.

***WoD (2015-2016)***
HFC – 13/13 M (Main char-protection warrior- Küle) CE missed by 1 day…
On July 2015. we decided to play on live server and with few friends from old guild, we start playing on Silvermoon-EU. Sadly we skipped Highmaul and BRF. But in less than a year we manage to clear the content.
Now, I do understand that it was pre-patch and some best tankers were probably playing beta Legion. And this doesn’t mean I am an OP player, but it means that I have potential : Warrior Küle ->
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/s ... ps&boss=-1

I don’t know why.. but ranking for tank surva(ALL STAR in world) wont show anymore -.- so i have personal link for my tank where you can see ALL STAR points and compare it in picture.
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/c ... tric=ehrps
Yes, I was kinda proud and then I found out none cares about surva, dps is king, just don’t get one-shoted )) Well it was my first year on offy server, don’t laugh 

***Legion(2016 - 2018)***
TEN – 5/7 M(Main char-guardian druid – ZelenïZub)
ToV - 2/3 M
NH - 7/10 M
ToS – 6/9 M
ATBT – 11/11M (transferred to Horde and renamed to QzMon – got 1st CE)

***Battle for Azeroth(2018 - )***
Uldir – 8/8M (Main char – blood DK - qzmandk) 2nd CE
BoD – 2/9 M (bdk, monk, warr)

It burns when I PvP –(I was randomly mass recruited) Guild was and still is mainly social. Jolly good people, at least Lummy and Punzi are(GMs). I still have them on Bnet and we even play some dung or bg, even helping them in raid from time to time. But members- with some or no desire to play mythic. I am sorry, everyone wants to play mythic but none wants to even break a sweat. It doesn’t work that way^^ Guild as whole lacks dedication and determination, but not GMs. We tried to have joined raids with another guild but that failed. After that we didnt even had 10ppl to launch HC. That was in May, I think, when Lummy decided to pull the plug.

Winter Hearts(Silvermoon) – This was the first mythic guild I ever joined. And it was only because they needed a tank reeeaaaally badly. They were stuck on Mano and their main tank rage-quited. Some girl I met in some HC-casual guild where we played our alt-tank-chars together asked me to help them. She knew everything about me so it was quick. It turned out she was a poacher for WH^^
Long story short, we played, we cleared HFC and Legion came, GM stoped playing and few(enough to cripple us) good raiders left. One of core raiders was promoted as a GM. Raid leader even rage quited once per month and even 2 times left the guild during TEN cause of new GM. Atmosphere in guild was tense. New GM was good raider, but he was not a good GM. He was screaming on new people who actually played good but.. that one mistake they did, like, once per week really bothered him..and his friends who wiped us 30 times per night -made cute mistakes^^
Some players (not me) got into fight with him because of that, and they got kicked…unfortunately he didn’t stop there, he start kicking ppl in rage who didn’t aggre with him at that very moment(everything happened in like 10 min). I was neutral but good with both GM and those who were kicked, and when I was asked, I said that I understand WHY they left AND if they don’t like things they are free to go.
Everyone are free to go…And I was kicked.

Almost Heroes - After WH few ppl were recruited in Almost Heroes. I was there for 10 days but there was no place for tank so I’ve gone to some HC guild and wait for opportunity.

Erratic – social HC guild, I really liked it but as soon as we got 20 ppl in roster, management ruined superb HC guild by going mythic… ofc again everyone wants to play mythic but none wants to even break a sweat. Nope, it doesn’t work that way^^ We failed ofc. We joined forces with another guild and reformed Hyperactive.

Hyperactive – we continued proggresing thru Nighthold. We were young, fast, strong and stupid…ppl start fighting over items?!? And we failed in NH and then in Tomb. Very toxic.We didn’t fulfill expectations from merging. Guild went social.And I got a baby. I stayed with friends but over time some went offline, some to other guilds. One or two will be back for BfA as horde so I’ll probably call them to join me.

Halo(Silvermoon) –I was called there to help untill they recruit a new tank. I have a friend there which I played with in Winter Hearts, so he recommended me. He knew Hypeactive was on a break that time. I was suppose to be there for one reset, and I was. Wowprogres says I was there for 2 days but its not right. Anyway they were very pleased with my performance and offered me a spot, but I wasn’t ready for 6-day raiding guild. And I couldn’t just left buddies in Hyperactive. So I came back to Hyperactive where we stayed untill transfer, 6 months after.

Famous(Tarren Mill) – after Hyperactive falled apart, I have decided with couple of friends, to transfer to horde… Famous wanted a druid for Argus progresion so I transferred and I got my 1st CE. I leveled up all other tanks and we entered, lock and loaded,into BfA. I had dk, monk and druid prepared. Sadly I had opportunity to play only with BDK. Guild management decied to pull the plug on 2/8/2019. We made a community so we could stay in touch.

Is there any reason I would be unable to attend 100% of the raids over trial period? *

None whatsoever.

Alternative class/spec during progression in order to help the guild progress in a more efficient manner? *
I always was, and will be playing multiple tank specs.

Is there any current member who would vouch for me?*

Other information I would like to share to help out my app *
Ok, so a bit more about me
I preffer talking over typing, ironically im not speaking English for an A.
I have never missed a raid. I consider that learning on other people mistake is the best thing to do. You will find that its very easy to work with me if you are civilized enough. I do research on my classes, I talk to people and share XP over discord, mostly now…

I really love raiding(raiding achi, unique mounts..). I’m not chasing world/realm 1st , so progression is not that important as long as we are playing, killing, raiding, playing, killing, raiding… you got it already  But still- on most challenging difficulty.
That’s why now i’m looking for 3-4 day progression guild. I can and I’m ready to give maximum effort during those 9-12 hours of progression per week. Iam also fairly active so you can find me online almost every evening!

I honestly think that I want what every raider wants. I want to surround myself with similarly dedicated skillful players. I want to be in a team that I can rely on and in turn have them rely on me.

What do I offer?
- Tank player, so top 3 progression tanks will be ready(at this moment:
blood 392 ilvl 39traits
brewmaster 396 ilvl 39traits
prot war 401 ilvl 38 traits
But that can be any 3 tank that we agree on..maybe even 4, number depends on guild activities.
- Near 100% attendance
- Punctuality, I am always on time for raid.
- I come fully prepared to every encounter; I research the boss and ensure that I fully understand every aspect of the fight, prepare WAs, adjust my BigWigs, prepared armor sets & talents, and have every single consumable that I may need for the raid.
- Exceptional awareness and critical positioning, consistency and focus.
- I bring positivity, respect and pragmatism.
- Zero percent slack and I do not troll during progression.
-@ the beginning of every tier rdy to farm gear (like 10s in BoD, HC runs on offnights)

To end it all, I want to thank you for your time in reading and considering my application and you should pick me because you've probably been in my shoes, hoping that a neat players would give you a chance, knowing that if they did, they wouldnt regret it. Because I need one chance. One, for your guild to make a leap of faith with me like WH did 2 years ago or Famous on spring 2018 and none of them regretted.

I see that you are pretty much gtg and progressing really nicely. But I have to drop my CV just in case ;)

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Re: qzman - general tank

Post by qzman » Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:58 am

Now 5/9, could be 6 by the reset.

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Re: [Declined] qzman - general tank

Post by kollbjorn » Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:33 am


Sorry for the late reply - we have had recruitment closed up until now when we killed Jaina, and only now opened it up again for crucible and 8.2.

Sadly we are not looking for a tank, best of luck to you :)

- Koll
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