[Declined] App for BfA - (Melee) DPS with tank offspec

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[Declined] App for BfA - (Melee) DPS with tank offspec

Post by Enikma » Mon Jun 04, 2018 4:26 pm

Hello, my name is Niklas, I'm a 20 year old uni student from Dortmund, Germany and would like to apply to your guild because I'm rerolling from Alliance to Horde for BfA. If you want to contact me, my Battle-tag is Enikma#21224.

Link to Armory:
My main in Legion is https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... re/trelion
However, I won't play this character in BfA. Instead, I'll reroll to one of the tank classes, preferably Paladin, DH, Druid or Warrior (up to you), I've leveled on Tarren Mill (and transfer more chars as needed, got everything at 110 somewhere), of which https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... l/hootzkin is the most geared one. I've also got a Horde Warlock on another server that might be able to help in Antorus, https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... ore/enikma. All that won't matter in BfA, so I hope it's not an issue.

Artifact level:
Irrelevant now, but my Warlock got 78 traits, my Druid 81, and in BfA I'll always do my best to stay ahead of the curve wih all my chars, as I did in Legion until 75

Your raiding times are:
Wednesday 19.45-23.30
Sunday 19.45-23.30
Monday 20:45-23:30
And they suit me very well, I don't have any responsibilities but playing WoW in the evenings

As a Loot System you're using RC Loot Council with master loot to distribute loot as effective as possible, I don't know your solution to the removal of that in BfA though

i've only played on German realms until now, and most of that time on Blackmoore. My raiding history is pretty short, but very volatile, as I've always tried to get better and move on once I surpassed my current guild, although your level of raiding seems like a good plateau to stay at. I've started the game as a tank in a level stop guild on Horde side, in Cata when I was 15 years old, which I left because I wanted to play the real game. Doing so, I happily played in a normal mode (now hc) raiding guild on Alliance in MoP and even killed some hc bosses at the tail end of SoO, but never really got into hc/mythic raiding and took a break for WoD (RL matters). That guild sadly moved to Horde and I tried to scramble together some friends to start raiding again in HFC, but in the end we had to pug our mythic kills and only killed Archimonde after 7.0 hit. With these friends quitting, I joined a proper mythic guild for the first time in Legion, who barely got me CE in EN, and I left them very quickly due to some very shady officer decisions which are apparently pretty common in low tier mythic guilds. Trying to find a new guild and encountering similar problems, I eventually burnt out in NH, and only coming back for ToS, only raiding hc until the drive to raid mythic hit me again. I very quickly got picked up by 'Darkest Dream', and killed the Fallen Avatar with them, but never bothered to progress KJ. They died in Antorus, and a friend offered me to join his guild, 'Eonar'. I got up to Coven mythic with them, but that guild showed signs of falling apart as well (which it did), so I left before it went sinking and joined the 'Gummibärenbande', where I first proved myself in their community raid before their main raid, performing around rank 250, picked me up, and I've killed Argus and raided with them since then.

My logs:
my newest guild I did the best in uses private logs, so most of my good tries aren't shown, but anyway, my Druid's logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... re/trelion
Even though I won't play that char anymore, I'm able to transfer this skill to any other class I play.

Screenshot in raid combat: https://imgur.com/a/SzNcGyl
Gameplay video (same fight): https://streamable.com/86ueb
All other classes use a similar setup with custom Weak Auras

To keep up to date with my specs/classes, I use primarily the class discords, their respective sites (Dreamgrove for Druid, Storm, Earth and Lava for Shaman, Peak of Serenity for Monks etc.) and watch the highest performing streamers of my class (studied a lot of Naowh's gameplay trying to learn tank i.e.). I also do some theory crafting myself (simple spreadsheets) on beta, ptr, etc. and analyze logs of myself and others playing my spec

I'll be able to play all classes that are able to tank as I want to tank m+ in BfA (raid spec always comes first ofc). but prefer to play either Demon Hunter, Paladin or Warrior, with Druid if you need a ranged. Which characters I'll play is ultimately up to you.

I heard about your guild by browsing WoWProgress for recruiting guilds on Tarren Mill, as I wanted to reroll Horde and have chars on that realm.

The hardest and most exciting fight I ever progressed on was probably the Fallen Avatar mythic in ToS. I was still a trial in my first mythic guild after a long break at that time, so it felt extra good contributing to the kill as one of the top dps. We had around 350 pulls there, and the main problem (for me) was coordinating to soak the beams with blades and flame patches (can't remember the ability) that might have been misplaced by others. As a Druid I could make good use of Wild Charge there and had a lot of fun optimizing that part of the fight. Our kill was one of the most intense scenes I ever witnessed in WoW, as only three dps were alive after everyone including me sacrificied themselves to soak the meteors. There were probably harder bosses I killed, but progressing on them was way more boring since there was much less you could achieve with individual play. Special mention to Immerseus hc and Iskar mythic, they weren't really hard, but I had a good time there and they showed me what it means to be a mythic raider.

My biggest trait is probably my flexibility, I'm able to keep multiple characters up to date and reroll to any of my alts as you need them. I enjoy to branch out and explore new playstyles and am also able to switch to tank or even heal if I play a class that can do it as the need arises. My time spent on the game is probably way too much, as I'm a student on scholarship and this is my biggest hobby, especially during progression. I've also got holidays on BfA release, so I'm able to really sink my teeth into it and stay ahead of the curve in gear and AP. I'm a smart player/person and able to adapt to new situations/fights quickly and provide valuable input in beating them. I'm always eager to learn and able to take criticism and improve on it.

My plans for the next months are to level and gear as many characters on Horde as possible while taking a break from raiding until BfA hits, which is after my exams at the start of the holidays. In BfA, I want to be able to quickly get my main to max level and push m+ as a tank with friends, which I like to do a lot on raid free days.

Sadly I don't know anyone in your guild, but I'm always open to meet new friends :)

Greetings, Niklas aka Enikma aka Ootz

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Re: App for BfA - (Melee) DPS with tank offspec

Post by Seccy » Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:15 pm

Hey there,
Thanks for taking the time to write an application and for your interest in us :)

Unfortunately our roster is currently full, so we will be unable to take in any more trials at this time.

Apologies, and all the best in your search for a guild
- Seccy

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