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Glayce Mage New template

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1. Name, age, country and Battle tag. Am Rick am from the Netherlands am34 am a tennis coach in daily life my battle tag is Nylin1706#2814

2. Link to armory (please log out in gear you will raid in). ... ill/Glayce

3. Heart of Azeroth level? 41

4. What are our raiding times, and do they suit you?
I have not miss a raid for a long time and I like to keep it this way so yes I can make them all
Wednesday 19.45-23.30
Sunday 19.45-23.30
Monday 20:45-23:30

5. What lootsystem do we use? (This is meant to see that you have read our rules)
RC loot council you use if a player has a upgrade they can keep it if not then it will go true RC loot because we should see a item upgrade as a raid upgrade and for the team

6. What guilds you were in and reasons for leaving? (short description) I was on alakir I left because death realm I was in casual raiders I left because its really toxic with insults and no respect for players

7. Logs of your past raids (it's not only your percentiles we are interested in) ... ill/glayce

8. Screenshot of your UI (in a raiding situation) ... 232337.jpg

9. What are the sites you use to keep up to date on your spec/class?
I look on alter time icy veins youtube and

10. Info about alts (if any)
I have a boomy and a other mage

11. How did you hear about our guild, what made you apply?
I was looking on Wowprogress after I left the toxic behind me

12. Describe the hardest PVE boss you killed (ever) - how long did your guild work on it, what was hard, what was good about the fight etc. in MOP Iron Juggernaut before thy nerf it so many guild where falling apart because of it dps check lots of movement I loved it
G'Huun was a good fight I did not like the orbs but what needs to be done needs to be done it was dps check and good movement

13. Anything else that could convince us that you are a good addition to our raids.
Well if your looking for a person who give his all for a 110% every pull who don't miss any raids and never forget flask buff rune or pre pots and who is always looking to improve his zelf then I would be a good choice

14. Your plans for the next 6 months - will you be AFK on vacation or take a break from raiding?
I don't do AFK its boring :) and playing wow spending time beside that with my GF and family and my daily work as I say before you can always count on me

15. Do you know anyone in the guild? no I don't I hope to meet everyone

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