[Application] Mage all specs

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[Application] Mage all specs

Post by Radicuz » Tue Jun 04, 2019 6:12 pm

1. Name, age, country and Battle tag.
Simon 24, Sweden SpankMeSoft#21237

2. Link to armory (please log out in gear you will raid in).
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... ll/radicuz

3. Heart of Azeroth level?

4. What are our raiding times, and do they suit you?
Wednesday 19.45-23.30
Sunday 19.45-23.30
Monday 20:45-23:30
Yes aboslutly!

5. What lootsystem do we use? (This is meant to see that you have read our rules)

If an item drops that I/you want or need I/you get to keep it.
If I dont want the item it will be distrubuted by officers using RClootcouncil, all Loot the player dont want will be handed out by using this method.
there is more then just "upgrade" but a raidupgrade
Class upgrades in % according to research that has been pre-determined,
Players performance and attendance
Likelihood for said class/player to be included in future progress.

6. What guilds you were in and reasons for leaving? (short description)
Visage Disband
Prydaz (team 2) Disband

7. Logs of your past raids (it's not only your percentiles we are interested in)
https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/ ... ll/radicuz

8. Screenshot of your UI (in a raiding situation)

9. What are the sites you use to keep up to date on your spec/class?

Herodamage/alter-time. mage discord.

10. Info about alts (if any)
Waitforitxd-tarren mill hunter. 413

11. How did you hear about our guild, what made you apply?
Wow progress, Im frankly tired of Joining "on the brink of death guilds" wich disbands almost every teir because they become exhausted etc. I want an established guild with Solid leadership. I have no problem in Laying down the effort at all, but i want likeminded to do so.

12. Describe the hardest PVE boss you killed (ever) - how long did your guild work on it, what was hard, what was good about the fight etc.. I will have to say fallen avatar ToS 8th boss pre nerf. we were on that for about a month give or take, with over 600 wipes. the good about the fight was that you could practice the hard with no issue, you just let the energy reach 100 he fell down and you got to practice the crucial moments of the fight without having putting effort of getting P1 first. wich made it alot easier of progressing it. I hated it but reminded me why I loved progression, I will nerver forget the feeling I had after we killed it!

13. Anything else that could convince us that you are a good addition to our raids.

Im a Dedicated raider I will work day and night to prove my self every day. I will be loyal and stay untill the end, I dont quit. I have no issue using comms, Im a forward guy, I help out outside the guild.

14. Your plans for the next 6 months - will you be AFK on vacation or take a break from raiding?

No plans at all, Ive already been on vacation. Im unemployed as of the moment, taking a year of to think of what I want to do.
15. Do you know anyone in the guild?
No I do not

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