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Brewmaster Monk

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1. My name is George, I'm 25 Greek. Battlenet : Blackstar#2630

2. ... ther/nalik

3. Almost 56

4. Wednesday 19.45-23.30
Sunday 19.45-23.30
Monday 20:45-23:30
They do :)

5. loot council
Im more than willing to use this looting system

6. We started mid tier to form a roster of greeks in Hordecore as a bunch of friends till we managed to get cutting edge on ghuun. After that we formed Innuéndo, we managed to kill jaina top 780 but after that the guild disbanded.

7. ... artition=1 ... artition=2
*alt uldir (former main) ... artition=1

8. ( let me fill this in later, im not home rn)

9. Im analysing logs, watching streams of top tier players and the brewmaster discord.

10. I have a Prot paladin (a bit ungeared tho )

11. Well, as i said im analysing logs so I found out about the guild in BoD. It feels like the guild matches my expectations.

12. Well, I'd say Ghuun. We needed 350 tries on him but it was actually a huge step up in my raiding experience cause of the complexity and the number of mechanics u had to do.

13. Well, im always filled with patience. I used to be a raid leader and an officer and i was familiar of reading and creating tacts so as a tank im always prepared for the boss that i'm about to fight, having the correct talent set and play the class with all the "cheese mechanics" that i can find. Besides that im more than willing to set the tank tacts in fights. In social part im a descent funny guy (im just a memer).

14. Not really, no. Im planning to go hard in this tier and if the guild goes live in classic im more than willing to join

15. Only from logs

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